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Robust control unit with 2-line LCD display, integrated fieldbus connection and on-board IOs for controlling machines and systems.


With the new KP10T KEYPAD, the tried-and-tested philosophy about operation by means of keys and a selector switch is further pursued in vigorous fashion by means of a 2-line LCD display with background lighting.

The KEYPAD KP10T simplifies the setup of control stations significantly thanks to an integrated fieldbus connection and onboard IOs. 10 short-stroke keys are made available via the fieldbus as an input bitfield. In the contrary direction, the lower functional keys can be illuminated, static or flashing, in the relevant colour. Additionally, the KEYPAD possesses 8 digital and 8 galvanically separated IOs on board. These, too, are operated by means of the integrated fieldbus interface. The digital outputs are short-circuit-proof and can be operated from the PLC or indirectly with on-board flash rates (0.5Hz/2Hz). The 2-line LCD display has yellow-green background lighting and can show 16 characters at a time. Longer texts are automatically output as ticker. Underneath the display, 6 control keys are arranged that allow convenient navigation through a menu.

For keys and digital inputs, pulse stretching of 0 - 1,000 ms can be parametrised. The inputs possess an input delay of 1 ms.

The following are available as fieldbus alternatives:

  • CANopen slave
  • Profibus DP
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP)

The new KEYPAD requires an installation opening of W x H = 105 x 189 mm and is attached at the rear using tensioning elements included in the delivery. After installation, the front of the unit offers protection type IP64.

The front panel made of anodised aluminium also opens up to the KEYPADs applications in areas such as building control, where, in addition to function, design also plays a role.

The KEYPAD is supplied with DC24V; the typical current consumption, including all the LEDs (without digital outputs), is 0.3 A.

The digital outputs can be charged with 0.5 A at a max. total current of 8 A.


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