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Mobile, wireless control of systems

Mobile handheld control units allow flexible and wireless operation of the machine and make flexible interaction possible. 

For example, by order of Starlinger, we developed a mobile control unit that covers the requirements of the globally active customer exactly, both in design and in technology.
The unit has 2 function keys and 5 navigation keys. It lies ergonomically in the hand and is easy to operate. The rubberised housing protects the electronics in the event of shaking.

The user interface is absolutely user-friendly. The bright 3-inch OLED colour display ensures good legibility from all angles.

dataTRONIC is preferably used for

  • data import/export,
  • loading parameter sets,
  • activating machine functionality (master key function)
  • service and diagnosis.

Depending on the use and the customer’s wishes, the keypad can be adapted on a customised basis. 

The infrared IrDa data interfaces (data transfer over a distance of 2 m), RS232 and USB, ensure an optimal condition of the handheld.

The 3 NiMH batteries with a nominal battery voltage of 1.2 V each are exchangeable from the outside and are charged as soon as the device is connected to a USB interface. Using the environmentally friendly integrated energy saving function, a maximum running time of 24 hours can be ensured.

All the data is stored on an integrated SD flash card and can be managed very easily like a USB drive on any computer. A quick and problem-free firmware update is possible via the USB interface.

LARsys offers good-value expansions (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CANopen) for the dataTRONIC so as to create even more possibilities for the user.

Would you like to find out more about mobile controls? Then we look forward to your call!


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