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CAN Repeater

The LARsys CAN Repeater ensures a safe potential division between 2 CAN network segments. Here, the CAN Repeater not only galvanically separates the two connected CAN bus segments, but also both bus segments against the supply voltage. If one of the connected CAN bus segments is defective, it is separated off and does not hinder the functionality of the rest of the network.

Larsys CAN Repeater technical data:

  • Power supply DC 9-35V 1.5 W
  • Operating temperature -20°C ... +70°C
  • Connection technology screw terminals
  • CAN interface pursuant to ISO/IS898-2 with CAN throttle
  • Alternative low-speed interface ISO/IS898-3
  • Connection for CAN-HIGH, CAN-LOW, CAN-GND
  • Galvanic separation of the bus segments CAN1, CAN2
  • Galvanic separation of CAN1 and CAN2 for supply
  • Bus cable equivalent approx. 40 m
  • Plastic housing for cap rail installation
  • WxHxD = 22x 75 x 110 mm

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