We make it work.


Embedded technology

We are specialists in decentralised, mobile control systems. We already implement Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things today: innovatively, competently and with high quality.


Individual solutions

We are a team of hardware and software specialists with a great deal of knowledge and experience. We develop individual, tailored solutions for our customers, on a partnership-basis, efficiently and on schedule.


Premium service

We work hard for the success of our customers. In the process, we are a reliable, trustworthy partner with a high degree of flexibility. Long-term customer relationships are important to us.

Customer-specific hardware and software for control solutions


LARsys-Automation GmbH was founded by Klaus Lanner and Georg Reitmair. Since 2003, the company has occupied itself mainly with the development and production of customer-specific hardware and software for a wide variety of industries.


With extensive expertise and a great deal of enthusiasm, we develop embedded hardware for diverse requirements. Depending on the task, our streamlined Embedded-OS or RT-Linux is used here as the operating system; in the event that classic PLC functionality is required, we use CODESYS with all its standardised languages pursuant to IEC1131-3.


Industry 4.0 is not just an important term to us – we have very good experience in the areas of intralogistics, machine controls, networking, IoT and the integration of specific technologies into a wide variety of machines and customer installations. Here, the embedding and integration of industrial communication systems such as CAN, CANopen, DevicNET, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink and EtherCAT into the installations and machines of our customers as well as their secure integration into a superordinate IT landscape plays an important role.


In addition to our specific expertise, a key part of our company philosophy is to create a healthy basis for more innovation capacity by constantly developing our skills. In this way, with a calm conscience, we can offer our customers the best possible support both in facing their challenges and in tackling critical tasks. Our pronounced solution orientation and a positive basic attitude towards customer service help us to develop trusting and sustainable customer relationships.


We develop for you an optimised, sustainable and industry-suitable solution that is of course updateable and supports remote maintenance.
Challenge us, be enthused by our expertise and be convinced by our agile service.

 Klaus Lanner & Georg Reitmair

Innovative and reliable partner for hardware and software developments


Efficient and traceable working method – also officially pursuant to ISO9001:2015

In OPC Unified Architecture (UA), a standard was published in 2008 that has often been mentioned in conjunction with Industry 4.0 in recent times. OPC UA is a uniform and manufacturer-independent communication protocol.

Uncomplicated and electronically high-quality component for analysing CAN networks.

Efficient and traceable working method – also officially pursuant to ISO9001:2015

We make it work. Our products and services.

Automation solutions

We develop customer-specific solutions with our own control components or with components from manufacturers such as Siemens or B&R.

Hardware development

We are specialists in the design of analogue and digital circuits for devices from the industrial, medical and automotive industries. 

Firmware development

From USB-based activations to the embedding of logics into CPLDs.

Software development

We develop in programming languages such as C, C++ or a Windows-based C#  development under a .NET platform. 

Industrial communication protocols

We are an active member of CiA (CANopen), PNO (Profibus, ProfiNet) EPSG (POWERLINK), ETG (EtherCAT) and ASHRAE (BACnet). We are thus your partner for solving complex tasks!

Wireless communication

Security, the Internet of Things and cloud computing are topics that LARsys-Automation has always occupied itself with.

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