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Innovative HMI control units

Our control units impress not only due to their robust design, but above all due to their forward-looking and innovative development. Depending on the customer’s requirements, control is by means of keys or a high-resolution touch display.

All the devices of LARsys-Automation have one thing in common: they are designed efficiently and fanlessly and are put together using components that are available for a long time.

With which control unit is your machine or installation to be operated - by means of touch, using keys or on a mobile basis? 


Customer-specific 5.7" TFT touch display with powerful processor of the latest Cortex A8 generation. Designed both for vertical and horizontal use options.

Robust control unit with 2-line LCD display, integrated fieldbus connection and on-board IOs for controlling machines and systems.

Keypad for standard aluminium profile

Despite the use of modern visualisation systems, with many machines and systems there remains the need for operation using keys and selector switches.

Fieldbus-independent keypad with 32 short-stroke keys and integrated fieldbus connection.


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